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With Apple Pay, you can link your FSB debit card to your iPhone* or Apple Watch* and pay for things at the touch of a button--literally.

Safe and Secure
Apple Pay is simple to use and it's safe and secure, too, thanks to Touch ID technology and the fact that your card details are never shared when you use it. 

Easy to Set Up
To link your FSB debit card to your iPhone or Apple Watch, simply go to the "Wallet" icon on your device and follow the steps to add a card. More information about Apple Pay can be found on Apple's website.

For more information about linking your FSB debit card to Apple Pay, stop by any of our convenient locations or call 1-800-462-2265.

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*Apple Pay is compatible with the following devices: Phone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus; Apple Watch (paired with iPhone 5 or later).