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At Federal Savings Bank, we are committed to doing everything we can to protect our customers from fraud and identity theft.
To that end, we are pleased to announce that we have begun issuing Smart Chip Debit Cards.
What is a Smart Chip card?
Smart Chip cards feature an embedded computer chip that provides enhanced security and fraud protection for point-of-sale and ATM transactions. Currently in use in over 130 countries, Smart Chip cards are more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards, and are part of the move toward a global card payment standard called EMV (Europay,MasterCard and Visa). 
What do I need to do to activate my new debit card?
When your new card arrives, simply follow the activation instructions on the sticker affixed to the card. Once your new card is activated, please immediately destroy your old card and dispose of it properly.
Will my card number or account number change?
No, your card and account numbers will NOT change.
Have questions or need more info?
For more information about Smart Chip cards, review some Freqently Asked Questions, stop by any of our convenient locationsor call our Customer Care Team at 1-800-462-2265.